We continue our work after the Winter Break. Place: SIPA 103.   Time of meetings every other Saturday, 1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. for the Little Circle, and 3:15 - 4:45 for the Big Circle.

                        Little Circle: December 9th

                                     We continue solving interesting problems from Mathematical Circles (Russian Experience)                       

                           Big Circle:  December 9th

                                     After the highly successful inaugural meeting we continue with interesting examples and

                                problems from Number Theory. 


                                On line access to the Circle: TBA            

                 Something more about our work and the amazing participants we have:


                         On April  5th, seven of the participants of the Little Circle took part in the challenging                                                

                      "Purple Comet Math Meet" (<>). We had two teams presenting the

                       Little Circle at the meet. . Both teams solved 16 out of 20 problems for the time of the

                       competition (60 min). We are excited to see what the results form the competitions are

                       on April 11th.

                      And the results are in! We are glad to report that the first participation of our two teams

                      in the Purple Comet Math Meet was a success: out of the 14 middle school's teams from

                       Florida who competed, Little Circle 2 and Little Circle 1 were ranked 1st and 2nd,

                       respectively! Little Circle 2 is ranked 31 which makes them a team in the 86th

                       percentile over all. They are ranked first (and are in the 50th percentile) by state, and

                       are ranked 18th (the 77th percentile) by country. Little Circle 1 has achieved rank

                       104 (the 63rd percentile) overall, rank 2 by state, and rank 44 (51st percentile) by nation.

                        Congratulations  to all of the participants!


                We are also pleased to report about recent success of  four of the participants in the Little Circle who 

            scored very high on MOEMS 2012/2013: our stellar group of participants did it again! Excellent work guys! 


            In Division E which goes from 4-6 grade, our results were:

                           Gold Pin:   

            Naige Correal-Winters (6th grade)  - Perfect Score in all 5 contests; 

            Gabriel Diraviam (6th  grade) - Perfect Score in all 5 contests;  

           Chey Sirota  (6th grade)  - Perfect Score in all 5 contests;  

            Patrick Correal-Winters (4th grade);  Vivek  Talwalkar (6th grade)

             In Division M which goes up to 8th grade, our results were: 

                           Gold Pin: 

            Naige Correal-Winters; 

            Chey Sirota; 

            Gabriel Diraviam

                           Silver  Pin: 

            Patrick Correal-Winters;

            Vivek  Talwalkar


                         Gold pins are awarded to roughly the top 2%, of the individual scorers,

                         and silver pins to roughly the rest of the top 10%.

                         The received scores are for a total of more 103,529 mathletes.

                         Of these, 484 earned the Medallion with a perfect score of 25 points.

                        This year's Honor Roll lists their names. We salute them, as well as the

                         386 students who scored a near perfect 24 points. 

                        The MOEMS website



                                                                       Here are the results on MOEMS 2011/2012:

                   Naige Correal-Winters (5thgrade)- Gold

                   Gabriel Diraviam (5th grade) – Gold

                   Chey Sirota (5th grade) – Silver

                    Patrick Correal-Winters (3rd grade) –Silver

            Some information about this competition.       

             In 2011/2012 a total of 85,339 students from 24 different countries participated in Division E (Grades 4-6).

             Gold was awarded to students in the top 2% (scores between 22 – 25) .

            Silver was awarded to students in the next 8% (scores between 18 and 21).

             Excellent job, boys!

                    There are many competitions in Math this spring  which will be attended by participants of our Circle.

                     I wish all of them success, and expect them to share experience at the Circle.




Description of the Program

This is an outreach program for motivated students from elementary to high school who are interested in mathematics.

Math Circles were introduced first in Hungary and other Eastern European countries in order to select gifted in Mathematics middle and high school students and teach them some more advanced topics in Elementary Mathematics. One of the goals was to prepare those students for prestigious math competitions on local, national, and international level. Traditionally, Math Circles are organized and directed by research mathematicians who have been participants in such Circles as students themselves, and have the passion for helping the younger generation broaden their knowledge in more interesting and deep mathematics.

All that the participants of the Math Circles at FIU need to have is math curiosity and the wish to work on mathematical problems.

This semester, Fall'17, the program will meet every other Saturday, from 2:30 p.m. till 4:00 p.m. at SIPA 103 of the University Park campus (MMC) of Florida International University.  The first meeting (with the Little Circle participants) is on September 2nd.


There is no charge for attending.

Some of the books we are using are:
Mathematical Circles (Russian Experience) - by D. Fomin, S. Genkin, I. Itenberg, edited by the American Mathematical Society;
Mathematical Olympiad Challenges - by T. Andreescu, R. Gelca, edited by Birkhauser;
Mathematical Challenges for the Middle Grades - published by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics;                                                                  Problems for kids from 5 to 15 years old - by V. I. Arnol'd.


                        Problem Section

 Problems for the Big Circle

 Problems for the  Little Circle



For further information contact any one of:

Gueo Grantcharov,, (305)348-3796   

Mirroslav Yotov,,  (305) 348 3170                           

Tedi Draghici,, (305) 348-2028,

Thomas Leness,, (305) 348-2930.


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